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Hope January Updates (emailed to everyone 1/10/21) Check out our latest news!

We hope that you and your family had a Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year! We will begin sending out a monthly update with highlights and important information. For daily/weekly updates, be sure to download our WIX app or login to our Enrolled Families Website: http://hopechristianschool.net

Website & App: Why It's Important Our main way to get information and updates to you is through the Enrolled Families Website & companion App. Since they are linked, you can get information from either one. :) Each activity/club has their own group, where they post updates to help keep you informed. We have forums where you can ask questions, post items for sale or look for sale items, or if you just have a word of encouragement or a prayer request - these forums are for you! Events (RSVP) and the Monthly Calendar are also on both the App & Website, and important updates are posted under News. You can chat with us, as well as other Support Staff Members, and even link to all of our Forms and Documents on the website (Chat is also available on the App). If you haven't visited our Website or downloaded the Wix App, we encourage you to check it out and visit at least once a month to keep up with school news. If you need an invite code for the App, just let us know! Visit our website

DUE JANUARY 31ST ~ GRADES ~ ATTENDANCE ~ CURRICULUM LOG ~ LESSON PLAN COPIES* Please mail (PO Box 1743, Pelham, AL 35124 - do not certify & please make sure you have enough postage on it) or drop off your records at the school. *Lesson plan copies are only due for families enrolled less than 3 years. Please send 3 random pages from the first semester. Be sure to keep your originals of all records and only send us copies.


CHAT, CALLS & EMAILS: Monday - Friday, 10:30a to 4p IN-PERSON HOURS: Vary each week: Stay up-to-date here

We will be available for in-person visits at the school on Wednesdays, 10:30 am to 4:00 pm each week. There will be weeks when we are open on a Tuesday or Thursday, or both, depending on what is happening on campus. We may add in the occasional Monday or Friday, when club meetings are there as well (hours will be limited to club hours on those days). We will post the in-person hours/days in advance, on our web calendar (https://www.hopechristianschool.net/on-campus-activities), public calendar (https://register.hopechristian.net/contact-us/), and in the announcement in the App and pop-ups on both Websites. With this change: 1) It limits virus exposure at the school and makes thorough cleaning of the facility easier, making it safer to visit; 2) It reduces our utilities by more than half (this is important to help keep costs down when income is less for everyone and the cost of living/doing business has increased); 3) Because of Covid-19 precautions that people are taking, we haven't had the foot traffic we normally do. We are heating/cooling 10,000+ square feet and that's only the downstairs, 3 days a week. It takes several hours of heating/cooling prior to arriving to achieve even sort-of comfortable temps in the building. Every DAY that we are in-office it is approximately $100 downstairs and $100 upstairs in utilities. If we can work from home and provide good service via phone, email or chat as often as possible, this helps us financially and in turn, helps you because we can keep tuition at the same rates and still be available to you 5 days a week. We will be available via phone (leave a message if you don't get us and we will call you back as soon as we can) and chat Monday - Friday between 10:30a and 4p (except Holiday hours) instead of only 3 days per week. We don't mind answering chat messages over the weekends or during the evening hours, just keep in mind that responses may be delayed depending on the time the message is sent & what is on our schedules. We hope these changes will be well received and understood. We are in the midst of ever changing times and are doing our best to "roll with it" and serve you as life happens.

😊🥸😂 Praying for each of you every day! *Should you need to drop off something outside of in-person hours, you may use the black box at the front doors or slip it under Dawn's door, if the back doors are open for co-op or clubs. We are also happy to arrange pick-ups, if needed, just let us know!

Updates to events, activities and in-office hours can be found: ~ On the Wix App Announcement Screen* ~ On the Monthly Calendar ~ In Pop-ups on the website *Enabling push notification will send the update to your phone By "joining" our Activities Groups via the website or the app, you can receive updates when there is a post made. "Following" HCS Administration (under Members) will also send you updates when we make a post. Be sure to check our Monthly Calendar before visiting the school office, or attending a scheduled activity. Life happens and sometimes changes must be made. This keeps you in the know & up-to-date!

PO Box 1743, Pelham, AL 35124 205-664-2232 Visit our website here: http://hopechristianschool.net

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