Hope Dress Code

With classes, activities & clubs starting, we wanted to remind you that we have a dress code for on-campus and off-campus activities. We take this seriously and ask that you do as well.

Students (and parents as well) attending activities out of dress code will be ask to change attire or leave the activity. We absolutely dislike having to do this, so please don't make things awkward and strained by making us enforce this Code.

You can download the Dress & Behavior Code Here: http://bit.ly/HCSDressCode

Here are the highlights and violations we see most often:

~ No facial piercing.

~ No unnatural hair colors (such as blue, purple, pink, green, rainbow, etc.)

~ No holes in clothing, especially to expose undergarments.

~ Guys no earrings, no muscle shirts that expose the sides of the body.

~ Girls dresses and skirts must not be higher than the top of the knee.

~ While we prefer that shorts not be worn on campus, if you choose to wear them, they must not be shorter than knee length. *If your t-shirt covers your shorts or is almost covering your shorts, they are too short.

~ Leggings (no sheer sides or cutouts) may be worn but your top must be long enough to cover the bottom and thighs. A good way to see if the top meets standards, stand with your arms straight by your side, shoulders and hands relaxed, and add 1.5 inches to the bottom of your fingertips. The hem should, at a minimum, reach this mark.

~ Girls no low-cut tops exposing cleavage. A good way to check this is to place 4 closed fingers under your collarbone to see if the top meets standards.

~ Girls no tank tops, strapless or spaghetti straps unless properly covered.

Thank you for honoring Christ with your appearance and respecting our rules while on-campus & participating in Hope activities.

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