Here are the highlights:

1. Hope Days are optional. We would LOVE to see all of you this year but understand if you choose not to come due to Covid-19 and are taking precautions.

2. There will be no main meeting, so there will be no large crowds congregating in one room. We will film the new information for the upcoming school year and post it on our website under Hope TV.

3. Hope Support Staff will provide either a video or written information about each activity and how to contact them, which will also be added to the website. Some are already posted in their respective Activity Groups on the website & app.

4. Hope Days 2020 will be for activity, class, club, co-op, and athletic sign-up, meeting the sponsors, and for the used books sale.

5. HCS Support Staff will also be available to answer questions and provide general homeschool support. Attached is the full schedule/info for the 3 days.

6. How to get the handouts for the year: We will upload everything to http://docs.hopechristian.net. Download the docs & print, rather than print from screen for better printing.

7. How to get Validation stickers for your IDs: You can pick them up at your convenience or email the number you need and we will mail them to you.

You are also welcome to come by the school office once we open full time to pick up any paperwork/handouts given during Hope Days (last week of August, 1st week of September, closed Labor Day week - activities will still be held that week, open regular hours beginning 9/15).

Please let us know if you have any questions! We love each and every one you and pray for you daily!


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