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Hope Christian School Choir/ Voice and Piano Private Lesson Registration 2020-2021 Tuesdays (high school choir and lessons) and Wednesdays (lessons and elementary choir)

Hi, Hope families!! After much prayer and thought....waiting to see what this fall would bring, etc., I am excited to tell you that we will be having choir, voice, and piano again this school year!

For those of you who don't know about our choir, we exist to provide a quality choral experience to homeschoolers, while seeking to bring glory to God in the process. We seek to worship Him in every rehearsal and to use our craft as an offering to Him.

In both elementary and high school choirs, we will work on learning good vocal production, choral technique, along with music theory, etc. as we sing in a variety of styles. We sing classical choral literature, praise/gospel songs, etc.

High School Choir

High school choir will meet for a 1 1/2 hour group lesson/rehearsal per week with extra retreats and trips.

High school choir will meet Tuesdays from 11:00- 12:30.

Elementary Choir/Music Class

Elementary choir will meet on Wednesdays from 12-1 and will be $30 a month or $150 a semester ($142.50 if paid at the beginning of the semester). Family max for elementary choir will be $50 a month or $237 a semester if paid on or before Hope Day. Elementary choir will be available with no additional fee except for music fees to those who are taking private lessons. Elementary choir will have a few separate events of their own during the year. TBD

Elementary choir/music will be for students in grades 1-5th. 6th graders may choose whether they would like to move up to high school choir, or remain in the younger group. In the elementary choir, we will explore different aspects of music. We will sing, learn about the elements of music, will play instruments occasionally, as well as learn folk dances, etc. The elementary choir will also perform at the Christmas and end of the year concerts.


We will do our best to keep everyone safe this fall and want everyone to do what they need to do to feel comfortable. We strongly urge everyone to remember that no one should come to Hope for choir if they don't feel well and have been exposed to anyone with covid, etc. This has always been our policy about any illness. If you think you're sick, rest and stay home. We will not require masks but will do our best to social distance and have good hygiene. I will use zoom for each class for those who can not attend in person that day.

If you are new to choir we'll have a retreat to work on some of the basics early in the year.

Choir details:

Fees can be paid monthly or at or before Hope Day with a 5% discount.

Fees are $300 a semester per family (or $285 with discount), or $60 a month,

and $200 a semester ($190 with discount), or $40 a month for one student.

There is also a music fee for new elementary and high school students of $30 due at Hope Day with the August fees. This will include their t-shirt, music, new folder if needed, and scarf or tie. The music fee is $20 for returning choir members. Concert attire for the high school choir will be concert black (black long sleeve buttoned-down shirt for the guys/ round, boat, or v-neck long sleeve black shirt for the ladies) Black pants and shoes (flats for ladies). They will receive scarf or tie.

There are several fundraisers to assist anyone who needs help with fees.

*If a student takes private voice or piano lessons they will only pay for lessons and music fee/ not pay an additional choir fee.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are $25 for each 30-minute lesson. There will be 16 lessons in the fall, and 18 in the spring. This averages out to $85 a month, or $425 - 5% for paying at the beginning of the semester. ($403.75).

There will be a family max of $200 a month. This does not include music fees for those in choir. Those taking private lessons only do not need to pay a music fee.

Please send fees via Venmo at @Laurie-Jones-46.

We are looking forward to this next year already! I will be looking for more singing opportunities as the school year moves along. Can't wait to see you all soon!


Additional information and signup here: https://forms.gle/5MpiVFSC342QLrJh7

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