Do Not Be Dismayed.

How are you feeling tonight? Discouraged with this year? Scared with all that is happening lately? Uncertain for the future? Overwhelmed? I can tell you right now I've been feeling all of the above since March. We are facing historical and unprecedented times. Perhaps The End Times. But whatever we feel, whatever our circumstances, whatever is happening around us... WE HAVE A SAVIOR. HE IS WITH US. HE IS PROTECTING US. Our Lord and Savior promised to be with us always, no matter what. CLAIM that Promise tonight. We don't know what the future holds but we are certain in HIM who holds us. We are here for you, our Hope Family. Believe and Pray with us tonight for our Nation, our friends and family, our School, the amazing lives we have been given. We love each one of you and pray for you daily.

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